Welcome to paradise! You made it! Just kidding, but this is a pretty great place. Let me introduce myself!

Hi, I’m Jessica. I am in love with life! From cats to plants to warm summer nights, there’s really just nothing I don’t love. I am studying herbal medicine and yoga while learning more about this beautiful, magical life every day and doing my best to live a healthy, happy, low-impact lifestyle. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about doing what you can! That’s what I’m about.

My husband and I have three cats and three dogs. I know, it’s a zoo! But we love our fur babies more, more, more than life. I’m sure you’ll be seeing them around! Get ready to meet the three cutest, sweetest, most spoiled chihuahuas in the world. (Okay, maybe not that bad, but I do spoil them a little…)

I’m into yoga, musical instruments, plants, animals, camping, hiking, miscellaneous beauty tidbits, reading, writing, and more. I honestly have so much to share with you.

I’m still growing, aren’t we all? And so is my blog, so be sure to subscribe to be the first to know when new posts come out!

Now that we’ve met, take a look around! Tell me what you think, and just say hi! I love hearing from you guys.

Happy reading!


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Header image credit: photo by Brigitte Tohm